Rememory for Google Glass

Rememory for Google Glass

The first app to store and reterieve memories on Google Glass

Rememory for Google Glass

Rememory for Google Glass

Rememory is the first app for Google Glass for storing memories.

Using the voice command “Ok, Glass, remember this…” you can dictate brief text notes, and then forget about them: they will be stored in your Glass memory.

Then, when you need to search for a particular memory, you just need to say “Ok Glass, recall memory…” and then pronounce some keywords. Rememory will take care of searching across your previously saved memories and fetch the ones that contains the exact search terms you just provided!

Yes, just that simple. Remember and recall.

You can use it to store anything you need.

Let’s say you run out of milk and apples. You can just say “remember this, I need to buy milk and apples at the grocery store”. Done! Memory saved.

Then, at the grocery store, you can just say “recall memory, grocery store” or “recall memory, apples”, and Rememory will provide you with the previously saved memories in (literally) one second.

That’s Rememory for Google Glass.

Never Forget.


What’s the purpose of Rememory?

Rememory is an app for Google Glass. It allows to easily take notes save them, and retrieve them just using your voice.

How does Rememory work?

You just need to activate Glass with the “ok, Glass” command,

then you can say:

  • remember this… + [the memory you want to save] ->  stores a memory (e.g. remember this, I need to buy milk and apples at the grocery store)
  • recall memory… + [keywords] -> retrieve a scrollable list of relevant memories (e.g. recall memory, grocery store or recall memory, apples)

Where can I get Rememory?

At the moment, the only way to install Rememory is to sideload the .apk on Glass.

Here you can find a .zip file containing the .apk of Rememory.

Where can I find updates on Rememory?

Follow us on our Google+ Community for updates! Also, remember to circle +Mario Viviani!

If you have questions, suggestions or you want more informations about Rememory, send us an email using our contacts page.


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