Project Agatha – Leap Motion Hand-Controlled Image Manager

Project Agatha

Hand-gestures controlled Image Manager

Project Agatha – Leap Motion Hand-Controlled Image Manager

Project Agatha – Leap Motion Hand-Controlled Image Manager

Project Agatha is a new way to interact with your images and photos.

Taking advantage of the Leap Motion controller, a technology developed by Leap Motion that will be available for purchase from May 2013 (, Project Agatha is capable of recognizing hand gestures and finger movements, allowing a new way to manage and display your images.

Working in a 3D environment, images can be moved, arranged, rotated and zoomed, allowing a new way to manage photos and to make presentations.

An interaction that was possible only in sci-fi movies is today available. It’s Project Agatha.

What’s the purpose of Project Agatha?

During a presentation or a keynote, you have to prepare your slideshow properly in order to progressively focus your audience attention on your speech/product. With Project Agatha you can dinamically focus on a single slide, zooming on your product details, comparing photos and assembling an interface only with a swipe of your hands.

If you’re a photographer or a graphic designer, you have to deal with tons of photos and images every day and how hard and long it is to confront them. With Project Agatha, you’ll be able to quickly move and confront photos, discarding the one you don’t like and grouping the images you find amazing, all with natural hand gestures, saying goodbye to long list searching and image visualizers usable only with keyboard and mouse.

How does Project Agatha work?

It takes advatage of  the Leap Motion controller to track the movement of your hands, and has specific hand position/gestures that enable the application functions. We are putting a lot of effort in developing the most natural and effective kind of interaction in order to make Project Agatha useful out-of-the-box.

When will Project Agatha be available?

We hope to release the product soon, hopefully in the next months.

Where can I find updates on Project Agatha?

Follow us on our Google+ or Facebook pages for updates!

If you have questions, suggestions or you want more informations about Project Agatha, send us an email using our contacts page.



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